President OSpama

I recently watched a lecture for the Direct Marketers Association given by Harper Reed – the CTO of Obama for America. Given the use of marketing analytics that he details in the election of Obama 2012, the recent PRISM revelations should hardly be surprising. Obama, one could say, is the President analytics built (President OSpama anyone?). It is interesting to see that they are sharing their techniques with direct marketers. Can they send you more shit junk mail you don’t want? YES THEY CAN!!!


let there be beer

Companies have long argued that they do not adverts vice categories (tobacco, booze etc) but only vice brands. Thus they get around complaints that they are encouraging people to start consuming vice products by arguing they only want to advertise to people who have already decided to consume them and that they want to convince, for example, existing smokers to switch brands. It’s a compelling argument. But… let there be beer kind of undermines it.