This blog is a place to think about marketing as a practice people do and as a practice that mediates how people do things.  

Marketing is discussed here as a practice that interferes with “the market” – sometimes for good, sometimes now, sometimes in predictable ways and sometimes with unintended consequences.  It is also discussed as a practices which shapes our relatioships to others both inside the market and outside of it.  Again, sometimes it does so in a way that improves our relationships but sometimes it does not. 

As a social practice that has the power to change social relations, marketing has the power to change the very world it is attempting to act on.  It is setting out the effects of this relationship that is the holy grail of this blog. So the blog is aware that the introduction of people into marketing opens up a range of complexities and issues.  But it starts from thepoint of view thawt understanding these issues is one of the most important things for researchers to do.


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