Christmas Ad Review 2015: Boots #DiscoverMore or #NoBootsStoreLooksAnythingLikeThis

Promise, large promise, is the soul of advertising. So said Samuel Johnson in the 18th century. Boots have certainly taken that on board in this incredibly puffy ad.

What do they expect to achieve with this spot?

The ad shows some brands you might be surprised to find in Boots – fine. But they are really setting customers up for a massive disappointment when they go to their Boots store expecting ‘a world of elegance, pampering, luxury, fun and fragrance’ but find a 1980s vinyl sneeze fest.

And what’s with the ‘curious blue firefly’? Two problems. One: I don’t think fireflies leave trails of smoke – blue or otherwise. Two: I firefly is a fly not a little dot. Is it really relevant to the ad at all? It seems more like #WeHadTwoConceptsButCouldn’tDecideWhichWasBest. One the one hand they wanted a glamorous, show tune, strictly come shopping feel and on the other they wanted to create a character cause, you know, Monty the Penguin was good.

The ad is a meatball sundae.

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