Christmas Ad Review: Boots #SpecialBecause

Great, another advert with a hashtag in the title. Don’t brands realise that anyone who is likely to post about an ad on social media will have figured out they can put a hashtag on the post without the need to put a hashtag in title? (See my earlier post on what I call “sharebait” videos created by advertising agents who want to show how successful their ads have been on the basis that lots of people tweet about them).

So, that’s a hashtag (tick). What about a slightly breathless folky song for the backing track (tick). …  It can only be a Christmas ad. That can mean only one thing: a narrative about people’s everyday experiences of Christmas with little or no relevance to the brand on offer (tick, tick, tick, tick, tick!).

Here’s my issues with this ad:

1. As with the Sainsbury’s ad, the hero is a public sector worker (in this case a nurse). Everyone likes nurses, right. Well, yes we like to pity them. Not pay them. In October thousands of nurses went on strike in the UK over their pay and conditions.

2. Why not show any of the Boots workers who are there to help the back-packing girl who hasn’t bothered to get her Mum a present until Christmas day? They are working on Christmas too. And while I’m at it, the girl’s been in some exotic country and come home for Christmas. I”m sure her Mum would be thrilled but secretly disappointed that she’d got some Boots smelly thing as a present.

3. What about the poor guy in the high-vis jacket on the bus. I wonder why he’s not the focus of the ad?

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