Christmas Ads Review: Burberry ‘From London with Love’

This advert is centered around Romeo Beckham – the son of Victoria and David Beckham – cause, you know, he’s A BECKHAM. It’s not the first ad he’s been in for the brand.

The ad itself is quite pretty and has a great Ed Harcourt song (yay for Ed Harcourt). But the whole ‘From London with Love’ schtick is a annoying. Here’s two reasons why:

1. Romeo Beckham. Born in London in 2002, yes but in 2003, his family moved to Madrid. Then in 2007 David Beckham moved to LA. Is he really the most representative image of London?

2. Burberry. The Guardian reported in 2012 about how false Burberry’s Made in Britain appeal was. It states:

‘Five years ago, the workers in Treorchy’s 70-year-old Burberry factory fought a long, bitter and ultimately unsuccessful struggle to stop their jobs – 300 of them – going to China. Three years ago, 170 workers at Burberry’s Rotherham factory met the same fate. Another 130 jobs went at its two remaining factories in Yorkshire. … I interviewed Cartwright [Burberry executive] back in 2007. Moving jobs to China was, she said, “sad, but inevitable”. The company had “no regrets”. It was “absolutely the right decision … it costs twice as much to produce a polo shirt in Wales as it does anywhere else.”

So, the only thing made in London is (possibly) the advertising and the music. Oh, and the Guardian report says the cost of manufacturing a £55 Burberry polo shirt is £4. Hope you don’t get one for Christmas.


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