Dacia – You do the maths

Having signed on to NowTV to watch the test match between England and India, I’ve had the chance to catch up on some current ads (mainly for gambling sites). One which caught my eye for the wrong reasons was Dacia’s “You do the maths”.

The message behind the advert is pretty obvious: Dacia is a cheap car. But I suspect that’s not what they asked for – especially as the ad is titled ‘The Amazing Value Dacia Sandero’.

But my really issue with the ad is the tagline: “You do the maths”. But it’s wrong. The phrase is “You do the math”. That doesn’t translate cause in British English we say maths not math. But rather than risk a few complaints Dacia changed the line. This loses all impact. It’s like saying ‘Show me some money’ rather than ‘Show me THE money’.



2 thoughts on “Dacia – You do the maths

  1. The results of this campaign (in the UK) was 21852 cars sold – the most successful car brand launches ever in the UK.

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