Bill Bernbach turning in his grave: The beetles

“You know, there’s a pretty famous music group whose name is the same as one of our models?”

“Go on…”

“The Beatles. I know, it’s spelt differently but I can’t believe no one has ever noticed this before. What’s even better, they are actually one of the most well known and iconic bands ever”

“What are you getting at?”

“I’m just spit-balling but how’s about we take one of their iconic images and, get this, we replace the Beatles with some Beetles”

“Wait a minute… What? Put a car called the Beetle in the place of the musicians known as The Beatles. … I think that is the best idea I have ever heard”.

“That’s what I thought too. But then I thought, it’s so brilliant that I must be missing something. Why has no one ever thought of it before?”

“Well we did trying a branded content thing around the “The Fifth Beatle” but this is much better. It’s so clever and edgy. The Fifth Beetle didn’t work cause it turned out their was actually a fifth Beatle. None of us were bothered enough to find out. We were to busy getting drunk after we cane up with the amazing concept. But this… this works on so many levels and it’s hilarious, intellectual like all our ads and respectful of the consumer. It’s like we’re saying that our cars are like the Beatles because they have the same name”

‘Although it’s spelt differently”

“I know that’s why it works”

“I think I might be the new Bill Bernbach”.

‘I agree”



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